Hire with Confidence

Hire with Confidence

Hiring that works


Streamline workflows

Automate repetitive tasks that cost recruiters and hiring managers in time and money.


Hire smarter

Use research based selection methods to assess job specific competencies that improve hiring


Be data driven

Access candidate competency reports, compare candidates, monitor KPIs and get results


Personalized service

Hands on onboarding process, custom product experiences and product training to maximize usability

See how candidates do the job before you hire them

Use customizable performance based assessments that simulate real world work situations and give candidates the opportunity to showcase their skills

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Build the workforce of tomorrow by assessing critical digital skills today

Our assessments help organizations gain insight into a candidate’s non technical skills that complement and enable technology

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Take the guesswork out of hiring

The development and implementation of our assessments are rooted in decades of proven research in personnel selection and built upon evidence based predictors of success on the job that minimize bias and maximize effectiveness

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Customize assessments to fit the needs of your organization

We offer the ability to customize assessments to maximize job relatedness and assessment representativeness for your open positions

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Take advantage of best in class recruitment analytics

Get access to candidate competency reports, monitor KPIs and use data to inform high stakes hiring decisions while pinpointing opportunities to create efficiencies

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